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Shopping at Yard Sale

The Jammy Estate Sales Process

  1. We will Schedule a Consultation (Free).

  2. We will View the Home and it’s Contents.

  3. We Listen to you to understand your situation and how we can best assist you.

  4. We Develop a plan of action (whether that’s an estate sale, buyout, cleanout, or individual items purchase).

  5. We will then sign an “estate sale agreement” and go through all the details with you.

  6. Insurance.  We offer liability insurance for up to 2 million.

  7. Do not discard anything.  Old magazines, used cleaning supplies, old photos, towels or linens, literally ANYTHING can be valuable to someone.  Keep it all.

  8. Sale preparation.  We will set-up display tables.  We will move furniture to create “maximum selling space.”  We will Sort through “sellable” vs “non-sellable” items.  All items that are NOT for sale ideally need to be removed from the home.  However, if necessary, we will try to move all non-sellable items into a location at the house and block off access by the public.

  9. Antique Appraisal and Evaluation.  We will research prices for those more expensive items.  Pricing and Bulk Pricing.  We will research prices on items that we believe are worth $25 or more.  But establish pricing (range of pricing) for most of the items.

  10. Scheduling of Estate Sale.  We will schedule the estate sale (usually 2-3 days) but this can vary depending on client needs.

  11. Photos.  We will take usually 200 to 300 pictures of as many items (or groups of items) and showcase them on websites we use to promote the sale.

  12. Advertising.  We will advertise through every viable method online and offline that has been proven to drive people to the sale, including facebook, craigslist, instagram, and 7 estate sale websites.

  13. Email List.  We will email to our list of estate sale buyers.  We are constantly adding new people to our list.

  14. Security during the sale.  We bring a wireless camera system to each sale.  Also we have staff monitoring activities.  Expensive Items will be tracked closely.  If it’s jewelry it will be on a table monitored (usually behind a glass case).  We will have someone supervise the sale of these expensive items.

  15. Customer Discounts.  We will not usually offer any published discounts the first day of the sale.  The second day of the sale we will discount some.  The last day of the sale we will discount up to 50% off after 10 am.  

  16. We handle all aspects of the estate sale.  You do not have to do anything except make sure we have access to the property and the items.

  17. The house must be vacated - no owners present during the sale.

  18. We do not do pre-sales.  It’s first come first served. 

  19. All sales are final and we do not accept refunds.  

  20. We do not deliver any items so the buyer must be able to move the item on their own on the SAME DAY as the sale. 

  21. At the end of the sale, we will total up all sales and present you with an itemized ledger of all sales and amounts.  

  22. We calculate our commission after expenses and from net proceeds.  We pay you your share of funds after the sale is complete (and all expenses covered)

  23. After the estate sale is over, we will either allow you to keep whatever items you want, assist in a “clean-out”, or help find donation houses to accept the leftover items.

Jammy Estate Sales is a member of the National Estate Sale Association.  We are Fully Bonded and Insured, and a member of ACNA (Antiques & Collectables National Association).

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I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities to do estate sales, liquidations, buyout inventory, or clean up. Let's connect.  Todd 951-751-6524 (call or text)


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